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Get quality & affordable linux hosting India services from Biz Hosting at lowest cost. This is also called as Shared or PHP hosting. Shared Linux hosting works on the combination of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). Each of the below cheap linux web hosting packages will contain many additional features as listed and comes along with cPanel / Direct Admin. Our cheap linux web hosting package starts at just Rs.464 per year. This PHP Mysql hosting comes with great features such as DDOS Protection and is available at cheap server rates.

Cheap Linux Web Hosting


1 years @Rs.464.40 [70% off]

₹ 39 / Month

₹ 129 / Month

Disk Space 1 GB SSD

Bandwidth 20 GB

Host 1 Website

Email Accounts 10

MySQL Databases 2

FTP Accounts 2

Sub Domains 2


1 years @Rs.536.40 [70% off]

₹ 45 / Month

₹ 419 / Month

Disk Space 10 GB SSD

Bandwidth Unlimited

Hosts 1 Website

Email Accounts 20

MySQL Databases 5

FTP Accounts 5

Sub Domains 5


1 years @Rs.716.40 [70% off]

₹ 60 / Month

₹ 199 / Month

Disk Space 25 GB SSD

Bandwidth Unlimited

Host 1 Website

Email Accounts 30

MySQL Databases 7

FTP Accounts 7

Sub Domains 7


6 months @Rs.898.20 [70% off]

₹ 84 / Month

₹ 279 / Month

Disk Space 50GB SSD

Bandwidth Unlimited

Host 1 Website

Email Accounts 50

MySQL Databases 10

FTP Accounts 10

Sub Domains 10


6 months @Rs.898.20 [70% off]

₹ 150 / Month

₹ 499 / Month

Disk Space 50GB SSD

Bandwidth Unlimited

Host 10 Websites

Email Accounts 100

MySQL Databases 30

FTP Accounts 30

Sub Domains 30


6 months @Rs.1258.20 [70% off]

₹ 210 / Month

₹ 699 / Month

Disk Space 100GB SSD

Bandwidth Unlimited

Host 100 Websites

Email Accounts 100

MySQL Databases 50

FTP Accounts 50

Sub Domains 50


Linux Web Hosting Features:

Supported Versions:

Linux Web Hosting Support Tools:

With Biz Hosting’s reliable cheap Linux web hosting is the right choice for your PHP MySQL web hosting needs at the lowest cost. Choose the package that best suits your needs and pricing.

* Unlimited Hosting does not mean that every resource in the server is provided unlimited. As this Linux hosting India package is a shared hosting package, the resources in the server will be shared between sites. Hence, you cannot use unlimited ram or processor usage. If your site’s usage is found to impact other sites you will be requested to move to the dedicated VPS packages.

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